2009.03.31 : In a still rough economic situation, new proposals are increasing for Textile IT projects. Most of them aim to optimize administrative processes and reduce costs. Thanks to our software new functionalities in matter of data exchange on the internet, and to our architect know-how, we can build up high-valued offers with competitive prices. For this reason, companies undergoing transformation are very interested in our skills and solutions.

2009.02.24 :
6 new clients have been going for our solutions since the beginning of 2009, like DEVEAUX S.A. and SPRINTEX.

2009.01.31 :
Schaeffer Productique keeps its good financial results despite the general break felt on the market in Autumn.. Our investments in innovative products are well received in a depressed market. The export activity (41% TO) made us introduce our solutions in 3 new countries. The ASP / SaaS mode through subsidiary Amplitex in France allowed 12 new clients to use our specialized software functionalities for textile business.

2009.01.02 :
Happy New Year to all our clients and partners. The worldwide economical turbulences will probably bring out new opportunities of development. More than ever, we will contribute in 2009 to the evolution of textile organizations.

2008.12.28 :
Release 8 of SOLIN has allready been installed by 3 customers in December 2009.

2008.09.01 :
Our new sales office in Köln (Germany) is opened. This means a stronger presence in Nordrhein and Westphalien.

2008.08.25 :
Article published by Thierry Butzbach in the « Journal du Textile” n° 1967 on 25/08/2008, page 156 : Our new embroiderer customer speaks about operating SOLIN software.

2008.08.22 :
SOLIN R7 in South Africa : A south-african textile group has confirmed its choice to operate with SOLIN software in Port Elizabeth.

2008.07.24 :
In July, 5 new customers chose the ASP/SaaS mode for operating with SOLIN through

2008.04.30 :
Schaeffer Productique goes ahead in Germany where our solutions are well known. A new employer has been involved and will settle down after training in September.

2008.02.05 : Thanks to the know-how in webservices, Schaeffer Productique has developed a new solution allowing on-line order typing. These services will grant to the textile community a communication between their ERP solutions.

2008.01.07 :
The Business year 2007 ends with a clear progression for Schaeffer Productique.

2007.11.30 :
Press release in the monthly economical magazine “l’expansion” n°724: “It’s time for a second Industrial breath”. “Schaeffer Productique is rising to the top among the best Software editors for the Textile Industry.”

2007.11.08 :
Press release the 08/11/07 in the newspaper “La tribune” page 21: “Schaeffer Productique is tightening the Textile Supply Chain Management”.

2007.09.20 : The ITMA is finished.
118 000 visitors coming from 149 countries - 1450 exhibitors.
This ITMA has been characterised by the serious and the quality of the contacts made on SCHAFFER PRODUCTIQUE's exhibition-stand.
During the next months the projects will take shape.

2007.09.13 – 2007.09.20 - ITMA München (D) : HALL A2 - Stand 300
Our 6th presence at the ITMA means 20 consecutive years taking part in this international textile event.
This year in München, SCHAEFFER PRODUCTIQUE will be set under the sign of a new generation, that combine its large expérience with very innovative solutions for companies competitiveness.

2007.07.24 : SCHAEFFER PRODUCTIQUE will show its new products at the ITMA in München (D) from 13 to 20 September, Hall A2 – Stand 300.
2007.06.14 : A third customer for Apparel Management shows how our products fits the backing of the textile channel.
2007.03.29 : Our subsidiary company AMPLITEX has clinched its first sale for Collaborative Partnership Management in ASP mode.

01.02.2007: The V7 comes at the end of the month.
It's a major release of SOLIN which includes namely:
- a new Knitting solution
- a new clothing confection and full fashion (model matrices, size, colors) solution
- links consolidations via WebServices with Yxendis CAO
- The functionalities resulted from the mutualisation by the users club

Schaeffer presents the new Monitoring solution for weaving.
With SOLIN-Monitoring you can know follow on real-time your shop floor.

The CAD-Solution from our Partner can be linked to SOLIN 6.1. We now cover the complete system from de creation throw the production until sale.

Publication of an article about Schaeffer Productique in the MOCI (a weekly international trade magazine) : “we are one of the three or four actors of international dimension able to provide solutions to industrialists who search for adaptation”

We are present until 14/01/2006 on the fair HEIMTEXTIL in Francfort, on the stand of the Company Yxendis. (Hall 1.1 – Gang B – Stand 61)

From January 1st 2006 (after the wishes), launching of the new offer SolinPRO : the textile ERP finally standardized. For each textile companies to profit from a performant tool that accompany them on its changes, SCHAEFFER PRODUCTIQUE now propose the unit of his ERP modules on a single tariff according to the size of your company.

22/10/2003 - 29/10/2003 - ITMA Birmingham (UK)

Our 5th presence at the ITMA will be the opportunity to show you our new functional and technological solutions. They use internet tools, controlled by our group, to give an answer to the textile SME that have to work together with networks.


Availibilty of SOLIN, Release V5.0.


Deployment of the textile collaborative platform


Presentation of the textile collaborative platform


The V4.35 Release of our textile ERP offer now:

- a single database for all industrial textile activities.

- a light database for traders, transformers or small factories who doesn't need production functions.

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